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Belimo Characterised 3 Port Ball Valves | R3040-16-S3 Belimo DN40 3-Port Characterised Ball Valve, Kv 16

Belimo DN40 3-Port Characterised Ball Valve, Kv 16

Datasheet (2995kB)

Belimo R30 characterised 3-way ball valves offer accurate control in water control applications such as AHUs and heating plants. The new R20 range of Belimo ball vales is as precise as it always has been - but simpler and more temperature-resistant. The cracterised ball valves provide accurate control by linearising the thermal capacity output and therefore offering excellent control conditions at all loads.

The Belimo R30 ball valves are available with large range of actuators to suit the applications; including 230V 3-point, 24V 3-point and fully modulating 0..10Vdc control actuators. Additional auxiliary switches are available for postion feedback signal.

Proven Valve Technology - State-of-the-Art

The Belimo characterised ball valves are now suitable for temperatures from –10°C (without spindle heating) to 120°C. This means they are extending their radius of action as spacesaving, inexpensive valves to include additional applications. In addition, they have been given a revised actuator connection (formclosure connection with a pin in the tappet shaft): This practically eliminates errors at the time of the actuator installation. The characterised control valves of the new generation continue to be equipped with the Belimo-patented characterising disk with many years of proven use behind it. It guarantees them an equal percentage valve characteristic curve and closes them air bubble tight.