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Our innovating room touchscreen range of controllers, thermostats and room interfaces has now been further enhanced to include white and black colour frame options. To select white frame or black fram... [FULL ARTICLE]

CHRISTMAS OPENING HOURS 2018 December 20, 2018

Our offices will close on Friday 21st of December 5pm and open on Tuesday 2 January 2019 8.30am. We wish you all Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year 2019! [FULL ARTICLE]

Our SyxthSense Smart Sensor range; CDR CO2 Sensors/Controllers, RHR Humidity Sensors/Controllers and TER Temperature Sensors/Controllers have been further enhanced to provide even more options and sof... [FULL ARTICLE]

SyxthSense has recently launched a comprehensive range of the EnOcean wireless products. The EnOcean products provide energy harvesting wireless solutions for monitoring and control. The range include... [FULL ARTICLE]

The new 2018 Product Catalogue is now available for download (requires log in / registration). The new catalogue brings wide range of exciting new products to the Syxthsense portfolio. The catalogue h... [FULL ARTICLE]

The SRC200 controller features have been further enhanced to include:- * Sending Amber and Red alarm conditions to digital outputs * Allowing the analogue outputs to be use for heating/cooling applica... [FULL ARTICLE]

We have extended the SYX range to offer a specific solution for customers whom need a replacement for the now obsolete MO1500 controllers. The SYX665 Controller is designed to replace the functions of... [FULL ARTICLE]

Since the launch of BMS we have only seen small advances in automated time management, technology requires either high tech integration or it is too expensive for the mass applications in simple build... [FULL ARTICLE]

SyxthSense Tools

SyxthSense provides number of useful tools for helping you to choose the correct products and applications. These tools have been developed over tens of years experience in the controls industry and will allow improved product selection.

Valve Sizing Tool Icon

Valve Sizing Tool

The valve sizing tool can be used to choose the correct valve based on the required flow and pressure drop. It is essential that the valve in the control systems is sized correctly as this offers improved energy and comfort control performance. Our valve sizing tool can be used for both water based and steam based systems. [Requires log in].

SmartSelect Icon

SmartSelect HRP22/LRP Controller Application Selection Tool

The SmartSelect Tool has been developed for easy installation of HRP22 and LRP4 controllers. The tool allows visual selection of the controller application (e.g. two boiler control with weather compensation and individual HWS cylinder control). Once the application has been selected the tool provides the wiring details (for panel building), operating and maintenance manual (O&M manual), and the controller program. The SmartSelect tool significantly reduces the installation time and therefore installation costs. [Requires log in].

Sensor Curve Icon

Sensor Resistance Calculation Tool

SyxthSense Sensor Resistance/Temperature tool allows quick reference between the temperatures and the corresponding resistances. The tool can also be used accurately project temperature for a given resistance, or vice versa. All typical sensor types are incorporated, e.g. NTC10, Pt1000, Ni1000, NTC10k Satchwell "T-Type", NTC20. Click the below links for resistance calculation.