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Designer Range Modbus Room Thermostats | SST-A24-P304 Programmable Digital Slimline Room Thermostat, Modbus Networking, 24V

SST Intelligent Programmable Room Thermostat   SST Intelligent Programmable Room Thermostat   SST Intelligent Programmable Room Thermostat   SST Intelligent Programmable Room Thermostat   SST Intelligent Programmable Room Thermostat

SyxthSense SST-x-P304 are elegant programmable room thermostats with a large backlit LCD display. The thermostats have 5+2 (weekday / weekend) programmable time clock for quick setup but can also be configured individually for each weekday. Each day has 4 programmable setpoints to provide maximum energy efficiency and comfort.

SST Intelligent Programmable Room Thermostat Operation  
The SST-x-P304 range has internal accurate temperature sensor with option to enable external temperature sensor. If the external sensor has been enabled then the control will be carried out using the external temperature sensor.  
SST-x-P304 thermostats have lockable keypad to prevent unauthorised change in the settings. Intelligent sleep mode allows gradual reduction of temperature at night time providing further comfort and energy savigs as the night setpoint can be set lower as usually in similar installations.  
SST Intelligent Programmable Room Thermostat Sleep Mode  
Other advanced features include external override facility to switch the heating system to day mode from a telephone or a mobile phone interface. Thermostats can also be networked to a central system master via Modbus RTU RS-485 communication network.  
SyxthSense SST thermostats have 16A rated output relay allowing them to be used both water based heating systems as well as with electric heating.  
  • 230VAC Power Supply (SST-A230 range) or 24VAC Power Supply (SST-A24 range)
  • 16A SPST Normally Open Relay for Wet System or Electric Heating Control
  • Large Digital LCD with elegant green backlight
  • Flush mounted for designer look, solidly built
  • 5+2/7 day time programme with 4 individual setpoints for each period
  • Celcius / Fahrenheit display
  • Lockable keypad to prevent unauthorised entry
  • Frost Protection Setpoint (active when unit is off)
  • External GSM interface / telephone interface contacts (to override unit on/off remotely)
  • Sleep function for maximum comfort and energy savings
  • Modbus communication network to network masters
Introduction Video:  
Power Supply:

24 VAC +5%/-15%

Switching Voltage (Relay): 16A 230VAC
Measurement Range: 5..95°C
Accuracy: 0.5°C
Terminals Max 2.5mm2 (min 0.5mm2)
User Interface: Large Backlit LCD Display with Push Buttons
Time Clock and Setpoints: 5+2 days with 4 setpoints for each period or 7 weekdays with 4 setpoints for each day
Internal/External Sensor: Yes - configurable (default control after internal sensor)
Floor Sensor: No
Telephone Interface:


Network Communication: Built in RS-485 Modbus Communication to Network Masters
Color: White with Glass Panel
Mounting: Flush Mounting (Wall mounting using a separate box)
Minimum mounting box depth 20mm (to make allowance for cables), fits to standard mounting boxes.
Dimensions: W86 x H86 x D39.5 mm
  SST Thermostat Dimensions