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Duct Smoke Detectors | STN-U Universal Sampling Tube for Ducts 300-2400mm

Universal Sampling Tube for Ducts 300-2400mm

STN Universal Fast Tubes are the latest innnovation in the duct smoke detectors allowing you to say goodbye to dirty, heavy metal air sampling tubes. The universal fast tubes are made of lightweight composite material that is rated the same as the duct detector housings, a red fitting strip securely holds multiple sections together with no fear of tubes vibrating apart over time.

The tubes are fitted to the detector with a connector that is included with every detector - never walk out with the wrong type of tube.

One bag of tubes will fit duct widths up to 2.4m; any spare sections are convenient to save and use on the next job or pair two packs for wider ducts.Putting them together is as simple as putting together duct smoke detectors: assemble to length, prepare by affixing the starter from the detector hardware kit then cut and cap to final length.

Due to smoother cuts that on metal sampling tubes, the Universal Fast tubes even typically reduce the smoke detection time 10-15 seconds compared to metal tube installations.



  • Lightweight composite duct smoke sampling tubes, up to 2.4m from one bag
  • Easy to assemble and cut
  • Work with SDD-2000 and SDD-3000 series duct smoke detectors
  • Use the amount of tubes required, save the rest for next job, never get stuck on the job without suitable length tubes!