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Condensation and Dew Point Detectors | KA10 Condensation Sensor and Switch

KA10 are condensation switches and sensors designed for cooling applications to prevent condensation in buildings. The KA10 measures the actual water condensation levels and transmits the condensation level to the 0..10Vdc output. The built-in 24Vac/dc relay allows the sensor also be connected directly to e.g. a zone valve that closes the cold water feed to the cooling system when the condensation danger is present.

The unique design monitors the condensation before the actual water condensation occurs. The sensor is able to monitor the microscopic particles of the water on the surface of the pipe and therefore give preventive operation.


  • Accurate Condensation Level Measurement
  • 0..10Vdc Condensation Level Measurement
  • 24Vac/dc Relay for the Condensatio Switch
  • Adjustable Relay Switching Points
  • Option for Remote Sensor

KA10 Condensation Switch

KA10 Condensation Sensor Operation