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Weatherstation Modbus Interface Modules | WS-MOD-AN-250D Wind Speed and Direction Sensor Analogue/Modbus interface, Display

Wind Speed and Direction Sensor Analogue/Modbus interface, Display

Datasheet (328kB)

The WS-MOD/AN-250 is the WS-SEN-WIND wind sensor (7911 anemometer) monitoring and alarming interface . It allows the wind speed and direction to be measured with a Davis Instruments DS7911 Anemometer, without the need for the entire weather station. The WS-MOD/AN-250D modulehas also built-in LCD display.

Monitoring of the wind speed and direction can be done via the analog retransmission channels with 0-5V, 1-5V, 0-20mA or 4-20mA outputs. As well as monitoring the speed and direction, 2 alarm relays can be programmed to activate at a certain speed or wind direction range, or combination of the two. Wind speed and direction can also be monitored using the Modbus protocol with either a USB or 2-wire RS485 connection. Settings are set using the DIP switches, via Modbus or via the configuration software.


  • Connects to WS-SEN-WIND wind sensor (DS7911 anemometer)
  • Monitors both Wind Speed and Direction
  • Modbus protocol interface
  • 0..5Volt or 4..20mA interface for analogue signals
  • Alarm generation based on wind speed and direction
  • DIN rail or screw mounting enclosure

Application Example:-

The diagram below illustraes the usage of the WS-MOD/AN-250 units.

WS-MOD Wind Speed Sensor Modbus Interface.