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Boiler Sequence Controllers | MOD-BPRO-4 BPRO-4 Boiler Sequencer Pro 4, Up to 4 Boilers

Boiler Pro range of Boiler Controllers / Sequencers are designed to provide advanced control, long-term reliability, simple installation and low investment cost. The Boiler Pro boiler controllers can work with any heating controller or BMS outstation using 0-10Vdc control signal.

The BPRO-4 module can be configured for three or four boiler output, auto or standard sequence control. When the device is configured for standard sequencing it may be used for example with 4 stage electric heater battery.

LEDs indicate relay output status and on board jumpers select Auto/On/Off. Using bit switch the required operation mode can be set i.e. auto sequencing and rotating up to 4 boiler or 2 burners with hi/lo control.

SIMPLICITY Only 1 x 0-10Vdc Control Signal Required

INTELLIGENT Automatic Lead Boiler Rotation based on Demand

EXTENDED Up to 4 Boilers Controlled and Sequenced from One Module

ZERO PROGRAMMING Operation selection via a straightforward DIP-switch

PRACTICAL 230Vac Relay Outputs, Automatic Protection between Boiler Stages

LOW COST One 0-10Vdc Signal, Up to 4 Boilers, or 2 x Hi/Lo Boiler Control

BPRO-4 Boiler Sequencer Optimiser Operation Diagram  

BPRO-4 Boiler Sequencer Optimiser Wiring Diagram  
Power Supply: 24Vac +/-15%, 80mA
Input: 0..10Vdc, <1mA
Outputs: 4 x 10A Resisitive 240Vac SPDT
Operating Modes :

Auto Lead Boiler Rotation / Sequencing
Manual Sequence Control

Factory Set Timers: Relay ON 2s after input stabilises
Auto sequence change-over after 30s
Inter stage relay timer 3s
Output Override: Using Jumpers (AUTO-ON-OFF)
LED Indication: ON - Relay Energised
Mounting: DIN Rail
Dimensions: 90W x 77H x 50D mm