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Boiler Sequence Controllers | MOD-BPRO-10 BPRO-10 Boiler Sequencer Pro 10, Up to 10 Boilers

Boiler Pro range of Boiler Controllers / Sequencers are designed to provide advanced control, long-term reliability, simple installation and low investment cost. The Boiler Pro boiler controllers can work with any heating controller or BMS outstation using 0-10Vdc control signal.

The BPRO-10 module can be configured for up 10 boilers or up to 5 Hi/Lo Boilers, auto or standard sequence control. When the device is configured for standard sequencing it may be used for example with 10 stage electric heater battery.

LEDs indicate relay output status and on board jumpers select Auto/On/Off. Using a bit switch the required operation mode can be set i.e. auto sequencing and rotating up to 10 boiler or 5 burners with hi/lo control.

SIMPLICITY Only 1 x 0-10Vdc Control Signal Required

INTELLIGENT Automatic Lead Boiler Rotation based on Demand

EXTENDED Up to 10 Boilers Controlled and Sequenced from One Module

ZERO PROGRAMMING Operation selection via a straightforward DIP-switch

PRACTICAL 230Vac Relay Outputs, Automatic Protection between Boiler Stages

LOW COST One 0-10Vdc Signal, Up to 10 Boilers, or 5 x Hi/Lo Burner Control

BPRO10 Boiler Sequencer Operation  

BPRO10 Boiler Sequencer Wiring  
Power Supply: 24Vac +/-15%, 180mA
Input: 0..10Vdc, <1mA
Outputs: 10 x 10A Resisitive 240Vac SPDT
Operating Modes :

Auto Lead Boiler Rotation / Sequencing
Manual Sequence Control

Factory Set Timers: Relay On 2 sec after input stabilizes.
Relay will only go off after another valid input is present for 2 sec.
Auto sequence change over after 30 sec.
Inter stage relay timer 3 sec
Output Override: Using Jumpers (AUTO-ON-OFF)
LED Indication: ON - Relay Energised
Mounting: DIN Rail
Dimensions: 190W x 77H x 50D mm