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Sedona Distributed Controllers | SDC-20C Sedona BACnet and Modbus Zone Controller

The SyxthSense SDC-20C series is aimed at affordable ‘canned’ solutions for standalone applications, such as Zone Controls, Roof Top Units, Fan Coils, AHU’s, package units etc. The SDC-20C is designed to complement the SDC-30 and SDC-20G/32G series of awarding wining excellence.

All of the SDC-20C controllers are equipped with two RS485 ports. If Etnernet port is required, use SDC-30/20G/32G. The SDC-20C controllers are BACnet and Modbus Selectable and can be programmed via the CPT Tool from Online Tools Inc. The SDC-20C has 20 points of I/O and priced to meet most high volume applications and price points.

The 20 IOs include, 12 Universal Inputs (UI) supporting current, voltage and resistance based sensor and digital volt-free signals, 4 electrically isolated Digital Outputs (DO) and 4 Analog Inputs supporting current and voltage outputs. The SDC-20C comes with one standard RS485 driver to support either BACnet MSTP or Modbus RTU communication (selection via hardware dip-switch). This communication port is also used as configuration/ setting and firmware upgrade. The concept behind the SDC-20C series is that the SDC-20C is configured can be used as an input/output controller only, or an Application Specific Application Controller. There is also a Real-time clock and a second RS485 (reserved for communicating with other Modbus devices such as Power Meters) are provided for such application.


  • Sedona Framework™ support -programmed using Online Tools inc. CPT Tool
  • BACnet MS/TP Server Functionality Support
  • Modbus RTU Slave Support
  • 12 Universal Inputs; Digital, Voltage, Current or Resistance
  • 4 24VAC relay Outputs
  • 4 Analogue Outputs; Voltage or Current
  • DIP Selectable Communication Mode

SDC-20C BACnet Zone Controller

The Sedona Framework™, Niagara Framework™, JACE™ are trademarks of Tridium, Inc. HAWK™ is trademark of Honeywell Corporation.


Technical Specification:-

Power Supply: 24VAC/DC
Programming: Using Online Tools CPT Tool
Universal Inputs: 12 Universal Measurement Inputs
  Voltage: 0..10V
  Current: 4..20mA
  Resistance: 0..30kOhm
  Digital: Volt-Free
Relay Outputs: 4 Relays, 2A 24VAC
Analogue Outputs:

4 Analogue Outputs

  Voltage: 0..10V
  Current: 4..20mA
Communication Port 1: EIA-485 Two-Wire (RS485)
  Application Protocol: Modbus RTU Serial, BACnet MS/TP
Communication Port 2: EIA-485 Two-Wire (RS485)
  Application Protocol: Modbus RTU Serial
Mounting DIN-rail or Wall Mounting
Protection: IP20
Dimensions: W198 x H104 x D44 mm