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TAE-KRO-2C TAE-KRO-2C PI-Controller (Room)
TAE-KRO-2C PI-Controller (Room)
Electronic PI-controller for heating applications in room space. Remote PTC2 sensors. 0-10Vdc control output. Setpoint range 6..30°C. Proportional band 1..30°C. Night reduction 4°C. Dimensions 85 x 85 x 31mm. 24Vac/dc power supply. IP30.
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TAE-DIN Din-Rail Mounted Temperature Controller
Din-Rail Mounted Temperature Controller
2-Stage PI controller (heatin and/or cooling). 2 0..10Vdc analogue control outputs. Control temperature -10..+110°C. Low Limit setpoint -20..+20°C. Externalt Setpoint Option and Setback Contacts. 24Vac Power Supply and DIN-rail Mounted.
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PDS2.2 Universal 0..10V Controller with Modbus
Universal 0..10V Controller with Modbus
Universal controller with LCD display and Modbus communication. PI-control for pressure, humidity, temperature, light level, speed, air quality or for generic control. Configurable range and units. 0..10Vdc, 3-point 24Vac or Thermic actuator support. Remote setpoint option (TEHR-PT1000-PDS2). Two setpoints. Wireless sensor support via FLTA. 24Vac power supply. DIN-rail mounted. LCD display shows current readings. Programming via LCD and touch buttons.
£155.50 £186.60 inc VAT