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AVUE AVUM AVUX Replacement Actuators | SLA-AVU-X AVUX 3-Point Actuator 24Vac , Satchwell VZX/MZX/MEU/FEU/VEU Compatible

AVUX 3-Point Actuator 24Vac , Satchwell VZX/MZX/MEU/FEU/VEU Compatible

Datasheet (403kB)

The SLA-AVU-E, SLA-AVU-X and SLA-AVU-M range is a retrofit actuator designed for the Satchwell MZX/VZX/MEU/FEU/VEU valves. The actuators have 300N force and very easy to install. The linkage kit that comes with the actuator offers secure and fast way of connecting the actuator to the valve spindle. The actuator is self-stroking which means that the actuator automatically finds the closed and open positions of the valve, no time consuming adjustments are required.

The actuators are available with 230V 3-point control (AVU-M), 24V 3-point control (AVU-X) and 0..10V control (AVU-E) signals. Manual override facility provides a simple way of adjusting the valve position manually.


  • Actuator for Satchwell MZX/VZX/VEU/MEU/FEU Valves
  • 24V 3-Point (AVUX), 230V 3-Point (AVUM) and 0..10V (AVUE) Versions
  • Easy to Install with the Included Linkage Kit
  • 300N Force suitable for all retrofit installations
  • Manual override facility using Allen Key
  • Feedback signal on the 0..10V versions
Power Supply/Control:

24V 3-Point Control

Suitable Valves: Satchwell MZX/VZX/MEU/VEU/FEU
Force: 300N
Stroking: Self-Stroking
Linkage Kit: Included
Manual Override: Manual Override with 3mm Allen Key
Dimensions: W111 x H62 x D82 mm
  AVUX Actuator Wiring