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Electronic Timers and Push Buttons | LAP5 Push Button Controlled Extension Timer, Max 5 Hrs

Push Button Controlled Extension Timer, Max 5 Hrs

Datasheet (125kB)

LAP timers can be used in many applications to provide timed override of any process or controlled variable. The LAP timers are easy to install and operate. They provide clear indication of the selected override period with bright LED indication and they can be located in any location.

The devices may be flush or surface mounted and the button may be fitted with a legend to give clear purpose to the operator. LAP5 and LAP10 units have timer hold feature that holds the count-down until a volt-free contact is closed. One use of this feature is to use two LAP timers in sequence, one acting as a delay for the period start and one for the length of the period in control. This is ideal for advanced selection of infrequently used zones, e.g. in two hours time the room will be occupied for four hours, this is ideal for changing rooms, meeting rooms, or sports facility floodlights.

The LAP1, LAP5 and LAP10 are perfect for schools, offices, sports halls, shops, theatres and many other applications where people need un-planned service from Boiler/Vent plant, lighting, or DHW supply outside of the normal schedules.

LAP Extension Timer Wiring  

Power Supply: 24Vac or 24Vac
Contact Rating: 10A @ 230Vac SPDT
Timer Selection:

1..5 hours

Max. Restricted Times: 1, 2 or 3 hours
Hold-Off Contacts: Yes, Volt-Free
Accuracy: < +/-10s/h
Mounting: Flush or Wall Mounting
Protection: IP20
Dimensions: Flush: W85 x H85 x D14mm
Surface : W80 x H80 x D32mm