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Electronic Timers and Push Buttons | ET10-NC Extension Timer 10 Hours, Normally Closed Relay

Extension Timer 10 Hours, Normally Closed Relay

Datasheet (345kB)

The ET Series Plant Extension timers have been designed to provide a simple way to extend the running hours of a plant or a system. The extension timers are available with different maximum extension periods, ET1 up to one hour, ET5 up to 5 hours and ET10 up to 10 hours. Custom time periods are also possible, please consult SyxthSense Sales for more information.

The timers have 7A 230Vac relay for switching the plant on/off, both normally open and normally closed models are available. The five green LEDs on the fascia of the unit indicate the current extension time and the red on/off LED indicates the status of the relay.

The units have built-in HOLD contacts (default open). When the hold contacts are open the timer starts counting down immediately after selecting the required extension time. If the HOLD contacts are closed, the timer is in hold mode and the timer does not start counting down until the contacts are opened (LEDs flash slowly).

The extension timers have touch sensitive push button for the selection of the extension time.

The maximum extensions time can be limited through the configuration mode.

The ET extension timers are flush mounted to a UK or European wall box, or can be mounted directly on a panel door.


  • Extension Timers for up to 1, 5 or 10 Hours
  • 5 (five) green LEDs indicating the current remaining extension time
  • 1 red LED indicating the active relay
  • Touch button for time extension
  • Sleek flush mounted modern look - no mounting srews visible
  • Maximum Extension time can be limited
  • HOLD contacts to hold-off the counting e.g. start counting only after the occupied period is finished
  • 24Vac/dc or 230vac power supply

Wiring and Dimensions:-

ET Extension Timer Dimensions

Power Supply: 24Vac/dc or 230Vac
Indication: 5 (five) Green LEDs for Extension Time, 1 red LED for the Relay
Contact Rating: 7A @ 250Vac SPST, Normally Open; Select -NC model for Normally Closed
Timer Selection: 2..10 hours
Max. Restricted Times: 4, 6 or 8 hours
Accuracy: < +/-30 s/h
Mounting: Flush Mounting in the UK Wall Box, or Panel Mounting
Protection: IP30
Dimensions: Flush: W86 x H86 x D14mm